NMI’s COVID-19 Procedures

Travel and Return

NMI has been following the directives of the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its Department of Public health as well as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to guide us in our approach to delivering our curriculum to our students and opening our campuses for the fall semester. Please note that while NMI will certainly follow Massachusetts’ guidelines, it may pursue additional or stricter measures where necessary to keep everyone in the NMI and local community safe. Do not assume that because something is permitted in Massachusetts, that the same is permitted under the NMI guidelines for the semester. Fairhaven is currently in the Red Zone, and therefore at greater risk of COVID-19.

Travel Protocols

(*Updated November 2, 2020)

Travel & Thanksgiving

Based upon the latest data and guidelines from the Commonwealth, students will not be permitted to return home for Thanksgiving break and off-campus weekend trips are no longer permitted until the end of the semester. NMI will be providing Thanksgiving meals for each on-campus resident. Students may submit waivers for travel outside of the local area in cases of emergency.

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