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Student Life

Student Activities

Student Activities are offered to provide students with healthy activities to promote wellness, social engagement and additional industry connections and relationships.

  1. Open gym pick-up games several times each week
  2. Sailing practice open for all students in appropriate weather
  3. Student Chapter of Narragansett Propeller Club
  4. Students creating a NAMEPA chapter at NMI
  5. School field trips to industry-related locales and places of historical or environmental importance each semester
  6. NMI Olympics each semester to show off industry-related skills developed and honed and to foster the team mentality that accompanies maritime careers
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community service

Community Service

Accepted applicants are required to provide thirty (30) hours of community service per each spring and fall semester in order to fulfill this component of the graduation requirements. At Northeast Maritime Institute, we “Honor the Mariner” and will teach our students to honor their communities by giving back some of their own time integrity and pride.

All community service documentation must be submitted for each semester during the duration of the program to the Director of the Nautical Science Department. Any student not completing these requirements may file an extension to complete community service. This will only be accepted in extreme circumstances and degrees will be held until requirement is fulfilled.

Student Government

The Student Government is formed and led by students. It is a way for students to have their own forum, discuss student activities, engage, and create new and exciting ideas and opportunities to further student life at NMI. With consultation from Faculty and Staff, it is also a great way for students to learn about civics, engagement, and governance. 

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Student housing, common area

Student Housing

NMI offers the option of student housing, all of which is within a half mile radius of the academic buildings. There are three housing locations – each has a shared kitchen and dining room, a common space, and shared bathrooms.  We encourage students to utilize our housing resources – they not only bring peers closer together, but they also allow students to learn the importance of taking care of and respecting common spaces, as is necessary when living on a ship at sea.


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