Associate Degree Program


Receive a hands-on education that will prepare you for both your personal and professional life after school.

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Nautical Science Degree Program

Earn an Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science degree in just two years on a fast-track to employment! Our non-regimented program includes hands on learning, simulator training, classroom theory and internship experiences for all styles of learning.

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Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning is a key component of the Applied Nautical Science program, transferring the concepts covered in the classroom to practical applications in labs, in our full-bridge simulators, on board our training vessels, and during summer externship experiences.

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Career Counseling & Development

We offer an array of career support services to NMI students both pre and post-graduation. On campus, students benefit daily from the advice and knowledge of our Nautical Science faculty who are licensed mariners with extensive and varied sailing experience.

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Campus & Fleet

Learn more about our campus, located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and our fleet.

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Faculty & Staff

Get to know our faculty and staff, and learn about what led them to NMI.

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2023-24 Academic Calendar

View the College of Maritime Science’s 2023-24 Academic Calendar.

Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°)

Learn more about our online training and certification platform.

Office of Restorative Aquaculture

Learn more about our Office of Restorative Aquaculture.


Student Consumer Information

Learn ore about our Institution and Program, Student Outcomes and more.

Academic Services

Student Retention and Success

NMI’s Student Support Services supports student retention and success through:

  1. Skills Class is offered once per week for students who are in their first semester at NMI. This class covers topics such as notetaking, email and telephone etiquette, budgeting, idea presentation; all of which are designed to improve academic, social, and professional performance.
  2. Morning Meetings occur every weekday throughout the semester.
    1. The purpose is to: model and improve communication, maintain student focus, take attendance, improve morale, and interpret the daily weather.
    2. Morning meetings also serve to foster and reinforce a sense of belonging and community.
  3. Dedicated, regular communication among faculty, CAO, and Support Services occur 2-3 times per week to discuss and address the needs and successes of students. The Skills for Success course offered in the first semester is run by the director of Student Support Services and affords the opportunity to not only further develop productive learning and study habits in students, but allows the Director to elaborate on additional support services and activities students can take advantage of.
  4. Focus on physical and emotional health is supported by faculty in word and by example.
  5. Assistance in finding counselors, doctors, urgent care centers, health clinics, financial assistance are all offered.
  6. Positive relationships with community leaders and members are demonstrated and encouraged.

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